BSSR Grand Rounds - Muscle Pain

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"Further the practice of skeletal radiology - to exchange scientific information through discussion of cases" in keeping with this ethos of BSSR, as an elected BSSR council member, Dr Priya Suresh, on behalf of the executive team, has the pleasure of introducing the “The BSSR Grand Rounds”.

The BSSR Grand Rounds comprise 1-hour virtual meetings with interesting case presentations and detailed discussions. The case presentations will be delivered by fellow/senior trainees followed by detailed discussions delivered by the Consultants.

We would like to invite you to the second session on " Muscle Pain"

Live or on-demand attendance at the 'Grand Rounds - Muscle Pain' session, will entitle participants to 1 CPD point.

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Dr Dimitri Amiras (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) - "Dr Amiras is a substantive radiology consultant at the Imperial College Healthcare Trust and is a senior honorary clinical lecturer at Imperial College London. He is a previous alumnus of Imperial College School of Medicine and Imperial radiology training programme. He obtained a fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology in Fremantle Hospital, Australia and consolidated his training with observerships at the AMC in Amsterdam and Auckland Hospital, New Zealand. He has developed dedicated techniques for the assessment of skin perforators in lower leg reconstructive surgery, saving valuable surgical time and is a valuable member of the complex trauma team.He is an advocate for innovation and is the senior author on a paper describing the first use of the Microsoft HoloLens in Augmented Reality plastic reconstructive surgery as well as pioneering its use in radiology training. He is an engaging speaker, and has given keynote speeches for Microsoft and Cannon as well as participated in workshops for FDA a co-author on a position paper on the use of Augmented Reality in healthcare. Dr Amiras has also developed a dedicated ultrasound guided muscle biopsy technique for the investigation of muscle pathology and is skilled in the interpretation of imaging in the investigation of myopathy. He is a member of the RCR iRefer panel advising national guidelines on up-to-date imaging used across the country."

  • Dr Anne Kindelerre - Rheumatology
  • Dr Clara Limbaeck - Pathology

Organisers - Dr Priya Suresh and Dr Mostafa Ellatif

13th February 2024

British Society of Skeletal Radiologists

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