Officers of the Society

The BSSR Council undertakes the running of the society and represents the societies interests in liaison with other national educational and governmental bodies.

Council meetings are held twice yearly, usually in February and October. There are two meetings for the general membership every year—An Annual General Meeting in November and a business meeting in March every year. Each of these meetings is immediately followed by an educational programme. The minutes of the members’ meetings are made available to all society members through the BSSR website.

The BSSR Council is comprised of the “Officers of the Society” which includes the President, Vice president, Secretary and Treasurer. Each officer serves a 2-year term.

There are 4 councillors who each serve a 3-year term and trainee representatives that serve for 1-year.

There are also ex-officio members that include the immediate past president and treasurer (1-year term), the Chair of the next BSSR meeting, and the Chairs of any Standing committees. Co-opted members may be appointed by resolution of the council to fill any vacancy for council members arising (not officers of the Society) until the next AGM.

When the posts for the Officers, Councillors and trainee representatives fall vacant, members of the society are invited to self-nominate. Elections are held when there is more than one applicant for a post. It is preferable that members applying for the Officer posts (President, Secretary and Treasurer) have had prior experience on the council as either councillors or other roles on the committee or have had similar experience in other national societies.

Current Executive Officers

President 2020-2022 - Dr Rob Campbell

Liverpool University Hospital

Vice President 2020-2022 - Dr Andrew Grainger

Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Secretary 2019-2021 - Dr Radhesh Lalam

Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry

Treasurer 2020-2022 - Thillainayagam Muthukumar

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, London

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16th November 2021

British Society of Skeletal Radiologists

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