Research & Grants

The BSSR committee would like to invite applications for the following grants aimed at helping members either with a specific research project or to assist with travel/other costs associated with presenting work at a meeting or learning a new technique.

Please do consider applying for one of these awards.

If you would like to discuss any of the information above or have any queries relating to the grants then please don't hesitate to contact the responsible officer (Dr Emma Rowbotham).

Deadlines and Process

There will be two deadlines each year on 1st September and 1st February.

Each application will be reviewed by the Committee and the outcome will be announced following the council meetings in October and March.

Research Grant

This grant is open to full members of the BSSR and is intended for a research project furthering a musculoskeletal radiology interest.

Applications are limited to a maximum of £5000 and a protocol summary and breakdown of the associated costs is required for the application form.

The Paul Butt Bursary

Preference will be given to Associate members to assist attendance at meetings with a significant musculoskeletal content or to Associate members who are the first author of an accepted scientific paper or poster. 

This award is normally capped at £500.

Travel/Education Grant

Preference will be given to Associate members although travel costs for Full members wishing to learn new techniques and those presenting at meetings will also be considered. 

These bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the BSSR Council and are normally capped at £1000.

Photo by Matthew TenBruggencate on Unsplash

25th February 2021

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