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Trainee Events

Trainee musculoskeletal conference 2021: “Everything you wanted to know about MSK but were too afraid to ask”

Date: Thursday 8th July 2021

Platform: Online (virtual)

The BSSR presents a one-day online conference bringing together expert speakers in the field of musculoskeletal radiology from across the UK. The aim of the event is to give attendees a unique insight into the career of a musculoskeletal radiologist and gain new perspective in the varied roles undertaken by MSK radiologists in the UK.

The conference is aimed at radiology trainees of all levels as well as fellows from across the UK. International attendance is welcomed. Musculoskeletal radiology is a hugely diverse and varied speciality in which trainees may not get as much dedicated exposure during training. It promises to be a highly rewarding day for attendees and one not to be missed!

Trainee Projects

There are several projects being undertaken by BSSR trainee members currently which aim to look at subject areas which are relevant to all training schemes and may affect trainees during their MSK training. The current projects are listed below and if you wish to be involved in one of the projects or if you have an idea for a BSSR trainee project then please contact either Dr Emma Rowbotham ( or either Dr Tom Armstrong ( or Andreas Panayiotou ( to discuss.

Current projects:

- The impact of COVID-19 on MSk radiology training in the UK. Led by Dr Serena Vird. If you are currently an MSK radiology trainee, Please click on this link to full in the survey for this project.

- The use of image guided cortciosteroid injection in shoulder pathology. A comparison of centres in the UK.

UK Fellowships:

Leeds Fellowship:

The Leeds MSK fellowship is a well established dedicated year long Musculoskeletal Fellowship suitable for experienced Senior Radiology Trainees typically post CCT or within 3 months of obtaining CCT. The posts provide extensive exposure to all aspects of both musculo-skeletal diagnostic and therapeutic work including: intervention with, bone, soft tissue and spinal biopsies, ultrasound, musculoskeletal MRI, CT and arthrography. The fellows will be asked to contribute to the teaching programme for the Radiology registars via the Leeds/Bradford Radiology Academy. There will also be ample time and facilities for on-going research. There is no on call commitment to these posts. Applications are usually in September/October for an August start date the following year.

Contact: Dr Richard Fawcett (

Oxford Fellowship:

Oxford MSK fellowship: There are 3 MSK radiology fellowships on offer, starting at various times through the year. Open to final year of training or post CCST SpRs. Start dates vary but next year will be around July, August and October
Contact: Dr James Teh (

Liverpool Fellowship

The Musculoskeletal Imaging fellowship at Liverpool is a one year post-radiology CCT training program and also suitable for those within 3 months of obtaining CCT. There are 2 fellowship posts per year with staggered start dates (February and August).Our established program incorporates the application and interpretation of the full range of adult MSK imaging examinations and procedures including image guided percutaneous biopsy and intervention. There will be the opportunity to gain experience in image guided spinal intervention for pain management and one day per week experience in paediatric MSK imaging. Fellows will participate in a range of divisional multi-disciplinary team meetings and the RLUH is a regional STS diagnostic and treatment centre.

The post will include one session a week of dedicated research time.The MSK Imaging Fellowship attracts a top scale (yr6) SpR pay rate with no on-call commitment.

Contact: Dr Alpesh Mistry (

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham

A major bone and soft tissue sarcoma centre and tertiary referral centre. We provide a one year fellowship which provides comprehensive training in musculoskeletal imaging.Fellows will be given the opportunity to train in all imaging modalities. Mentorship will be provided for diagnostic and therapeutic musculoskeletal ultrasound. The interventional component of the fellowship includes a broad range of procedures with more complex procedures including radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation and vertebroplasties.Fellows will be encouraged to participate in multidisciplinary meetings such as Spinal Oncology, Sarcoma and Young Adult Hip. Daily reporting which will be double read also provides plenty of opportunity for learning.

Participation in clinical research is strongly encouraged with plenty of academic opportunities.Applications tend to be released in September for an August start date.

Contact: Dr. Christine Azzopardi. (

8th April 2021

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